Treat Feeder


Cat treats are typically broken out in only 3 situations:

(1) When you are admitting defeat in finding your cat’s hiding spot

(2) To apologize to your cat for accidentally sitting on him because he blends in too well with the couch

(3) To prove to guests that your cat can do things other than nap

Unfortunately, all three of these situations encourage bad behavior. Pretty soon your cat will constantly be hiding from you, feigning injuries like an overpaid soccer player, or inviting strangers into the house in an effort to earn treats. This is a shame, because a treat motivated cat can be taught so much more useful behaviors. However, training your cat directly can be tough. They know that once the treats are out they are getting some whether they perform the tricks you want them to learn or not. Obviously living up to such a bluff and NOT just giving them the treats no matter what is simply not practical, but a viable alternative is to take the treats out of your hand as well. This simple and inexpensive PVC contraption can be loaded up with treats or regular cat food, which will then be dispersed slowly as your cat learns to bat at the spinners. This is a good introductory lesson for teaching your cat to operate more complex machinery, and is also pretty entertaining to watch.

Cost: Low

Difficulty: Low

Build time: 2-3 hours