House cats do not need much water compared to the average mammal (especially if you include dolphins), but sometimes they can be incredibly picky about which water they will drink. It is not an uncommon story where a cat will only take a few tastes from their water bowl at a time, but will guzzle water nonstop from a running tap if given the opportunity. Some suggest this is due to their instincts. Since running water in nature is less likely to be contaminated, they will prefer it to the stagnant bowl. However, I firmly believe it is not their wild side driving this preference – just the opposite. The sophistication of a house cat gives them incredibly high expectations in terms of home decor, and their preference for running water is just a passive aggressive suggestion to add some water features to your house. Cats are nothing if not stubborn, so the best way to address this prissy attitude is simply to appease it. To fully satisfy a cat you will need at least one Grecian fountain per room (must be solid marble) along with a circulating moat around your house. (If you live in an apartment you can join forces with your neighbors and put one around the entire complex.) This unfortunately will take some time to get up and running, so in the meantime you can give them some simple yet elegant PVC fountains. Detailed instructions for both of these fountains are included in the book. They are quick to build and will have an immediate impact on your cat’s judgmental attitude.


Cost: Low to Medium

Difficulty: Low

Build time: 1-2 hours