Drawbridge Door


A major design flaw of a stock door is that in granting cats access through it, you inadvertently grant other humans access through it as well. Forcibly linking the basic necessity of cat companionship with a horror such as human interaction is an unforgivable oversight. Fortunately a minor upgrade to the stock model can solve this problem. This drawbridge style door will grant cats access but not unwanted people. Maybe some small humans can get through, but they won’t be developed enough to demand you engage in verbal communication with them. I promise.

The book includes illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to construct this drawbridge and how to install it into an existing door. There is admittedly no functional reason that the door hinges from the bottom (drawbridge style) unless you count being awesome as a function. For the boring people minimalists who prefer a simpler option, there is also an explanation on how a top hinged (flap style) door can be constructed as well.

Cost: Medium

Difficulty: High

Build Time: 6-8 hours